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Identities in Abbey

An Identity allows connecting external metadata sources with an Abbey User. Each identity can contain multiple entries from a single source. Metadata stored in an Identity can be accessed via Go text/template Interpolation​

Grant Kit Spec

resource "abbey_identity" "user_1" {
abbey_account = "[email protected]"
source = "aws_iam"
metadata = jsonencode(
name = "AWSIamName",
group = "Engineers"


Abbey Identity

The email for the user's Abbey Account


An identifier to group the metadata under. They will be found under the data.system.abbey.identities.<source>namespace.


Arbitrary data to provide to your provider. The data can be accessed under data.system.abbey.identities.<source>.<key>. For example, using the above resource block, the entry
{{ }}
Resolves to the value