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Directory Sync

Directory Sync is allows you to bring information into Abbey about users and groups from an Identity Provider such as Okta or G Suite.
This information can then be used to write more effective Policies and Grant Kits.
For example:
  • A user can be automatically granted access via a group membership in G Suite
  • A user can be automatically denied access based on an attribute in Okta.
Supported Integrations:
  • G Suite
  • Okta

Setting up Directory Sync

In order to set up Directory Sync, click on the Directory Sync tab in the sidepanel on the Abbey Labs app. Click on "Create a Directory" to begin setup.
Directory Sync Setup Page
On the next page, enter the name for your Directory and the domain you want to retrieve data from.
New Directory Sync options
Next, click on the Complete button to complete the setup required by your Identity Provider
Complete Setup Screen
Choose your Identity Provider. Currently we only officially support Google Workspace for writing policies and grant kits.
Complete the steps indicated for your Identity provider. Example steps are given below.


When you're done setting up you will see a screen similar to the following. You can then return to the Directory Sync page in the Abbey App, and can view your user data in the Users page.
Directory Sync Setup Complete
Directory Sync Status Page in Abbey App.

Users Info

The Users page displays information retrieved from Directory Sync.
Users Page
For detailed information on the user object, click the icon. This information is the same format as in Enriched Data
Detailed User Object