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Connect a Repo

In order for Abbey to orchestrate your access requests flows, you'll need to connect a code repository that holds your Terraform files. If you're using Github Enterprise, please refer to Connect to Github Enterprise Server
If you've already set up a connection from Abbey <-> Github, just make sure the Abbey Github App has permissions for your repo. Either select All Repositories or make sure your repo is added to the Only select repositories list.

Step 1: Browse

Browse the Settings > Version Control page and click on either
Create a Connection or
New Connection button.

Step 2: Create

Choose a name for your connection, then click Create. You'll be redirected to GitHub to install Abbey on your GitHub account.
Choose a name for your connection, then click "Create"

Step 3: Authorize

Once you have been redirected to the typical GitHub App consent screen, choose either All Repositories or select a subset according to your needs.
Authenticate with GitHub
Once you click Install & Authorize, you'll be redirected back to the Abbey App, and your connection will be created.
Connection created successfully