Connect a Repo

In order for Abbey to orchestrate your access requests flows, you'll need to connect a code repository that holds your Terraform files.

For this step, you'll be working in

  • Abbey App

  • GitHub

Already set up a starter kit before?

If you've already set up a connection from Abbey <- -> Github, just make sure the Abbey Github App has permissions for your repo. Either select All Repositories or make sure your repo is added to the Only select repositories list.

Once that's saved, skip ahead to Create a Grant Kit 🎉

Step 1: Connect Abbey to your Repo

For this step, you'll be working in

  • Abbey App

  • GitHub

To use Abbey for access requests, you'll need to connect Abbey to your GitHub.

Create a Connection

  1. Go to the Abbey App (

  2. Go to the Settings > Version Control page and click Create a Connection

  1. Choose a name for your connection, then click Create. You'll be redirected to GitHub to install Abbey on your GitHub account.

  2. In the Github App Permissions screen, choose either All Repositories or Only select repositories with the repository you created earlier in Step 1 selected

5. Once you click Install & Authorize, you'll be redirected back to the Abbey App, and your connection will be created 🎉

🏁 Congrats! You've now authorized Abbey to talk with the newly created GitHub repo in your personal account

At this point you should

  1. Have a connection to GitHub under the Abbey Settings -> Version Control tab

  2. Have created a repo into your own GitHub account based off the Abbey Labs Quickstart Repo

  3. Have cloned the newly created repo into your own terminal to work with

Step 2: Configure Permissions for Abbey

For this step, you'll be working in

  • Abbey App

  • Github

Create an Abbey Token

  1. Go to Abbey API Tokens via Settings -> API Tokens in the Abbey app

  2. Click on the + New API Token

  3. Enter a name for your new API token or leave as is

  4. Configure the Expires At field or leave it blank to have the token never expire

  5. Click Create to make the new key

  6. Copy the key - you'll need this for the next step!

Add your Abbey token to Github

  1. Navigate to the repo you created in your own GitHub account

  2. Go to the Settings tab

  3. Select Secrets and Variables -> Actions on the left side

  4. Create a new Repository Secret

  1. For the Name, enter in ABBEY_TOKEN

  2. For the Secret, enter in the value of the Abbey API token you created in the last step.

    1. ⚠️ Make sure you don't have any newlines or spaces when copy/pasting this

  3. Click Add Secret to finish adding the repository secret

What should it look like?

Update Repo Permissions

Abbey needs a few permissions to operate in your GitHub repo.

  1. Go to the Settings tab of the same repo you added the API token

  2. Select Actions -> General on the left side

  3. Scroll to the Workflow Permissions section

  4. Select the Read and write permissions button

  5. Click on Save in the Workflow Permissions section

Great! Now you've allowed Abbey to interact with your terraform repository.

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