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End User Notifications


Abbey supports DM-based notifications via Slack. We'll notify reviewers in real-time when they have a new access request to view, with a message like this one


Click on + New Notification to set up the slack integration. This will take you to another screen with a Add to Slack option.
After clicking "Add to Slack", you'll be directed to an app install page by Slack. Pick a channel - any channel is fine, we only sends DMs to users for notifications.
After this, you should see the slack notification set up under

Try it out

Request access to one of your existing resources - your reviewer should now receive a slack DM

What's Next?

We're exploring more features into our slack app - like supporting channel-based or multi-DM notifications, sending access requests via slack, the ability to approve/reject requests directly in slack, and others.
We'd love to hear from you on what's most important to you so drop by in our Slack channel or send us an email at [email protected].