GitHub: Managing Access to Teams

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to configure Grant Kits to automate access requests to a GitHub Team by attaching Team Membership. This use case models Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for GitHub.

We will be using the GitHub Starter Kit as a base and replace configuration stubs for our use case.

Before you start

  1. Make sure you have:

  2. Make sure you setup:

    1. A Connection to a repo by following Connect a Repo

Step 1: Configure Your Grant Kit

Configure Output

Grant Kits rely on your GitHub account and repository name to output access changes, which we'll set through Terraform local variables. Update the locals block in with your account_name and repo_name
 locals {
  account_name = "" #CHANGEME
  repo_name = "" #CHANGEME

Configure Reviewers

Workflow defines who should approve an access request.

Let's update the reviewers block by adding yourself as the reviewer by switching with the email address you use to sign into Abbey.
 resource "abbey_grant_kit" "..." {
   workflow = {
     steps = [
         reviewers = {
-          one_of = [""] # CHANGEME
+          one_of = [""]

Now you'll need to link GitHub with Abbey.

curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer $ABBEY_API_TOKEN" \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \<user_id>/apps \
  -d '{"type": "github", "data": {"username": "<your GitHub username>"}}'

Step 3: Replace GitHub Stubs
provider "github" {
-  owner = "replace-me"
+  owner = "abbeylabs" # Replace with your own organization
   token = var.token

resource "github_team" "abbey_test_team" {
+ name = "AbbeyTestTeam" # You may replace this with your own team name
  description = "This team is testing Abbey."

Step 3: Deploy Your Starter Kit

First, add your GitHub-related secrets to your repo:



ABBEY_TOKEN is your Abbey API Token. Make sure that your GH_TOKEN is for your organization and has the following permissions

  • Read and Write for Members

What should it look like?

To deploy your Starter Kit, follow instructions from Deploy Your Grant Kit.

Step 4: Automate Access Management

🎉 Congratulations! Abbey is now managing permissions to your Resource for you. 🎉

You can now start requesting and approving access by following the Request Access and Approve or Deny Access Requests guides.

Abbey strives to help you automate and secure access management without being intrusive.

To that end, this Pull Request contains native Terraform HCL code using normal open source Terraform Provider libraries. It represents the permissions change. In this case, it's just a simple creation of a new Terraform Resource.

Next Steps

To learn more about what Privacy Policy you can configure, try one of our Tutorials.

For more information on how Abbey works, visit the Key Concepts or Grant Kits page.

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